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A tale as old as time... roommates to lovers. Friends to forever. You know how it went. And if you don't, here's the short version...


The Beginning

"George and I met when he visited a friend (hi Dean) in Nashville in early summer of 2018. I had become friends with this college buddy of his and when George came to visit, he made the boldest decision anyone makes when they travel somewhere new. He decided not to leave. That's right. Came to Nashville, took a job interview during the day on Friday when we were all working, got offered that job (at a pyramid scheme of a company "slinging fiber" but hey, it got him here) and was told he started Monday. 


And so George moved to Nashville, and didn't have a place to live. So naturally, we all just accepted this stranger as one of our own and let him couch surf in our homes for two months while he figured it out. Finally in September, he just accepted that Nashville was where he was meant to be and he signed a lease on West End. Little did I know that would be where we inevitably fell in love and started our (secret) relationship. 

The Realization

I moved in with George into a two bedroom apartment as roommates after a bullet went through the wall of my house living over in East Nashville (God bless) and I needed to get out of that part of town. We were friends, and he offered a good option. So we started cohabitating and slowly but surely went from roommates to "roommates".  You know, he started cooking me dinner and vacuuming my floors at an alarming frequency and I just knew it was love. Kidding, kidding.


The point I did really know was after I broke my ankle jumping off a boat that summer. George took care of me for over a month after I had surgery. He even let me ring a bell when I needed him at my bedside to get me ice packs or Advil. A real stand up caretaker. And that was about the end of our stint as "just friends". October 4, 2019 we decided we were going to "do this for real" and now here we are over 3 years later...


The Inevitable

The man who hated ("was allergic") to dogs is now a dog dad to the puppy I forced upon him (thanks for the help Shady Phil), and we are blessed with one of the most incredible relationships, founded truly on friendship first. I think that's what made it so special from the start. We already knew we liked each other as people, at our very core. And that alone let us take a leap of faith and hope that the risk we took, changing our friendship to a relationship, would have the highest reward of all.


Everyone always talks about meeting their person, the one of their dreams, and falling head over heals in love. But George and I, we didn't fall in love, we rose in it. We rose above our own expectations of each other and grew into the best versions of ourselves. We climbed higher with each day and challenge together, building each other up and never leaving the other behind. Loving each other has been the greatest adventure, and the thing about rising up is that there is no limit to how high we can grow together. 

George was the love that came without warning. He had my heart before I ever realized. And that's the plot twist that makes this story the greatest one I've written."


- Chesney

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