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We know you have questions. There is a lot of information to digest! We've done our best to provide thorough answers to the most commonly asked ones, and the most important ones, about our wedding experience.


If you have questions about the week's itinerary, travel and booking details, or our dress code, please refer to those specific tabs on our site, as they contain very detailed information. 

If you have a personal question relating to anything, please reach out to the bride and groom directly.

1. Can I bring a plus one?

Yes - if your personal e-vite was addressed "and guest"! If you were invited as a solo guest, we are extending the option for you to bring a plus one to our wedding. We know that attending is a big expense, and all rooms are priced for 2 adults. There is no option to pay for 1 single adult in a room. The price is a flat rate per night. Therefore, if you are more comfortable bringing someone to split the cost of your room with you, you are welcome to do so. However, we have invited plenty of solo guests and would be happy to connect you with someone else looking to share a room for our wedding week. If this interests you, please reach out to the bride and groom directly and we will assist with the introduction! If you already know other guests attending and want to reach out to friends yourself, that works too! We just ask that you tell us who you are sharing a room with so we can estimate our guests counts correctly. 

2. Are my kids invited?

Yes - if your personal e-vite said so! We know traveling out of the country is a big ask of all our friends and family. There is a limit on the number of children allowed attached to each room, so if you plan on traveling with children PLEASE contact the bride and groom before booking so we can guide you through this process (and inform you of confidential details regarding our special group promotion!).

3. Is there transportation to and from the resort?

Yes! Transportation to and from the resort is included in the price of your stay. Moon Palace, The Grand is only 15 minutes from the Cancun International Airport (CUN). It is your responsibility to set up your transportation based on your travel and flight information a minimum of two weeks before your stay. To set up this up, please reach out to Palace Concierge at

We recommend booking your flights as early as you can once the April 2024 schedule becomes available, in order to get the best pricing. Tropical destinations in the month of April are high in popularity! (For good reason, it's the nicest month to visit Cancun!) 

*If you have never been to the Cancun airport before, here are a few things to note: when you get off the plane and walk out towards the transportation lot, you will be approached by many employees of private companies trying to get you to purchase their transportation option. Ignore every single one of these advances. You will continue outside until you see the Palace Resorts podium. Here you will tell them your name and destination as you provided it when you set up your transportation prior to your trip. They will then escort you to the vehicle, pack up your luggage, offer you a cold beverage, and you will be on your way!

4. When is the RSVP date? Booking deadline?

The RSVP date is December 1st, 2023. The booking deadline is January 12th, 2024. We are asking for our guests to RSVP as soon as they know if they will attend (so if you know now - please tell us! Regardless if you know how many days you plan to stay yet) so that we can better plan our wedding events. However, you do not need to book your stay by the RSVP date. You need to book your stay by the booking deadline. After this date, all our additional held rooms are released we cannot guarantee your accommodations. 

5. What is the cancelation policy?

Please see the details at the bottom of the page on our booking link.

6. Will the wedding take place indoors or outdoors?

The wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception will all take place outdoors. The welcome party happening the previous evening will also take place outdoors. All events will take place on solid ground (no sand) and shoes are required. We might be in Mexico, but this is not a beach wedding!

7. What is the weather like in Cancun, Mexico in April?

The weather is generally clear and warm, but not too hot. Expect temps between 75 and 90 degrees, with an average temperature of 84 degrees.

8. What all is there to do at this resort?

You can find all these details (with links to the resort websites) at the bottom of our Travel & Booking Details page.

9. Can I take photos and videos during the wedding ceremony?

Yes! With some guidelines. We ask that anyone sitting in the rows facing in do not use their phones or cameras during the ceremony. Anyone behind the seated guests in the standing sections (yes, some guests will be standing, it's a quick ceremony - 10 minutes tops) are welcome to use their devices, so long as sound and flash are turned off. We would love to see how you capture our day from your perspective, and so our last request is that any photos or videos you take, please send it to the bride and groom following their wedding day!

10. What does "all inclusive" mean?

If this is your first time traveling to an all-inclusive resort, we know you may need clarification! All food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price of your stay. Tipping is not required, but always appreciated by the staff. There are 27 restaurants, 18 bars, 2 night clubs, 11 pools, a full waterpark featuring multiple slides, a lazy river and a wave simulator, immersive game room, non-motorized water sports, athletic courts, live entertainment and much more that are on premise at Moon Palace across the entire resort and all included in your stay (for a better breakdown of this information, please see the resort details at the bottom of our Travel & Booking Details page). Additional costs that may incur are additional excursions (outside of the complimentary ones included - see details at the bottom of our booking link), purchases made at the gift shops / stores, golf and spa use. All our guest will receive a certain amount of resort credits to use on any of these items, and the credits can be used to pay for a percentage of the excursions, spa treatments, etc. The amount you will receive is based on how many nights you choose to stay (this is detailed at the bottom of the page on our booking link). You will also receive complimentary transportation to and from the resort, which you will need to set up yourself based on your personal flight information (see resort transportation contact details at the bottom of the page on our booking link) 


We can't wait 
to see you!

And we hope this helped clarify some critical details about our wedding experience. Once again, if you still have questions about something personal or any of the information you just read, please reach out to the bride and groom!

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