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Dress Code

We decided early on that we were not going to have traditional wedding parties to accompany us on our big day. Every single one of our friends and family who chose to travel to Mexico to celebrate our love and union is accompanying us on our big day. You are all significant to this experience. And therefore, we request that all of our guests dress within the color palette and formality level detailed below, as you are ALL a part of our wedding party and celebration. 

Formal, Neutral

Wedding Photography Boards.png

 This is a collection of inspiration to get a visual sense of the event we are trying to curate, starting with our guests attire. You are an element of the experience. Your presence has an effect. Our day would not be, feel or look the same without you there. We want you to enjoy this significant part you play. Still, the most important thing is that you feel incredible in your choice of dress for our celebration.

Wedding Photography Boards.png
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